Stride Marketplace Agreement


    1. Stride is a product from Jumeni Technologies Limited (CS296112018), registered office 19 Banana Street, East Legon. 
    2. Stride Marketplace – a platform which connects businesses require Delivery Services with courier companies
    3. Delivery Fee – the fee a user is obliged to pay the Delivery Company for provision of the delivery service .
    4. Stride Commission – the fee that the courier company is obliged to pay to Stride for using the Stride Marketplace.
    5. Stride App – a cross-platform application for courier companies and businesses to request and receive Delivery Services
    6. Delivery Services – picking up and dropping off packages of users who request the service through the Stride App

Providing the delivery service

    1. You must have all licenses (including a valid driver’s license for your riders), permits, vehicle insurance, certifications and other documentation that are required for providing the Delivery Services
    2. You must provide the Delivery Services in a professional manner in accordance with the business ethics applicable to providing such services
    3. You can accept, decline or ignore Delivery Services requests made by users at your own choosing.
    4. You are entitled to charge a Delivery Fee for each instance you have accepted an order on the Stride Platform and completed the Delivery Service as requested. The Fare is calculated based on the distance of the specific order.
    5. Users may have the option to pay the Delivery Fee either directly to you or via the Stride platform

Stride Fees

  1. In order to use the Stride Marketplace, you are obliged to pay a commission. The Stride Commission is paid based on 20% of the Delivery Fee of each order that you have completed. The amount of the Stride Commission is made available to you via email, SMS or other means. The Stride Commission may change from time to time.
  2. You must pay the Stride Commission due to us for the previous week at latest by Saturday in following week.


  1. In order to guarantee high-quality service and provide additional reassurance to users, the users may provide you a rating and leave feedback regarding the quality of the Delivery Services that you have provided. 
  2. If, after a pertinent notification from us, you do not increase your average rating within the prescribed time period, your Stride Marketplace account will be suspended.


  1. We may give you tags, labels, stickers or other signs that refer to the Stride brand or indicate you are using the Stride Platform. We grant you a license to use such signs and only for the purpose of indicating you are providing Delivery Services on the Stride Marketplace.